Cardio Coach Press Play [2007]

On January 27th 2007, at 12 noon Eastern Time, the Press Play workout began. This event was created to unite exercisers from around the world, in dozens of countries, and focus our collective awareness on a single thought: a reminder that we are all capable, and we all have the capacity, for greatness. To remind us that we DO have a choice.


What will you choose?


You can now join your energy to that of all of us who participated in that day in 2007, and those who still do the Press Play workout on the last weekend of every month.


This remarkable workout brings Sean together with Jim MacLaren to create a masterpiece that will challenge even the most fit users. There are 5 challenges in Press Play and each segment is from a different Cardio Coach workout:


  • Challenge 1 (Vol 7): (10) Level 3 intervals for 1 minute, 30 seconds recovery between. Alternating between hills and sprints.

  • Challenge 2 (Vol 3 - progressive challenge): 1 minute to reach level 3 hill, 1 minute at level 3 hill, 1 minute to reach level 4 hill. 2 minutes rest, then do it all again.

  • Challenge 3 (Vol 1R): (3) Level 3 sprints for 1 minute, 1 minute recovery.

  • Challenge 4 (Vol 2R): (4) Level 3 hills for 1 minute, 1 minute recovery.

  • Challenge 5 (Vol 7): Level 3 trek (fast hill) for 4 minutes.



50% of each Press Play sold will be donated to the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

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